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Dorset Council have declared a climate and ecological emergency. People from Marnhull and the surrounding area want to protect and improve our local environment. And so, following a village 'Eco Day' in 2019, Marnhull Green TEAMS was formed.

We are grateful to the children of St Mary’s School Eco Club for the ‘TEAMS’ part of our name. As well as being an acronym for ‘Taking the Environment Around Marnhull Seriously’, it describes the way we work – in teams, each with an interest in a particular green project.

You can find out more about our ongoing projects and our frequent one-off events and activities on the Projects and Activities pages of this site; on the Marnhull Village Facebook page; or by getting in touch: email

Our latest newsletters and our Constitution are on our File Share page. Our current officers are Julie Reeves, Secretary; Ros Eveleigh, Treasurer; and Dave Jardine-Smith, Chair.

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