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Community Allotments

Marnhull Green TEAMS manage two of the Sodom Lane allotments and actively support the full utilisation of the allotment site.

Vegetable allotment

We obtained Allotment No 12 in March 2020 after it had lain fallow for many years. The aim was to provide a prepared planting site for members of the community to grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers each year. Those lacking space in their own gardens can make use of Allotment 12 and enjoy the many benefits of growing and nurturing their produce in a sociable environment, with a view to encourage a greater use of the wider Marnhull Community Allotment Site.

Fruit trees & wildflowers

Allotment No 19 was obtained in August 2020 in a derelict state. It was cleared by the group and a wildflower meadow mix was sown. In February 2021 eight dwarf fruit trees - five apple and three pear - were planted.  The aim is to produce apples and pears for fruit juice production, as well as to preserve some rarer apple varieties for the community to appreciate.

The wider allotment site

Power in Numbers




Project Gallery

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